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5 Tips on Booking Your Bay Charter When Planning to Cruise Lake Minnetonka

If you are planning to spend your holiday near or around a lake, there is this lake that you should definitely consider. Lake Minnetonka is a tourist attraction site found in the southwestern region of Minneapolis and is visited by many tourists for its adorable nature and shoreline. In order to enjoy your tour to Lake Minnetonka, you should start reserving your bay charters as early as possible.

Whether it is a wedding event or a family gathering, you will need to get yourself a fashionable boat or a ship to help you cruise this lake in style. Thanks to the many cruise lines around this lake, you will have many types of boats for hire to choose from. You can get any type of boat you can think of. However, when planning for your trip to Lake Minnetonka, you will need to know several things about bay charters around this place:

Making your charter bookings

There are possibly hundreds of companies providing various kinds cruise boats. It is for the best you make your bookings in advance so that the cruise line can prepare your boat. During holidays, it is not easy to get a bay charter, therefore, it is good to make your booking early.

Selecting your boat

In case you want a boat for a wedding event, make sure you mention that in your specifications. While picking your preferred boat, consider the size of your group, type of occasion and the duration you would want to use the boat. Also be sure to specify whether you want a private or a public cruise.


Every company has its own charges for its services. The price of hiring a boat is also affected by the type of the season. During summer and main holidays, the prices will likely be higher than during other days. If you are on a low budget, you can go for your trip when it is not a holiday season.

Extra services

In addition to providing bay charters, some cruise lines can offer services such as serving food and decoration activities. Just talk to your company and it will get everything ready. Whether it is beer or food, you will find everything in place inside your boat.

Getting bay charters online

The Internet is changing a lot of things for the best. Most companies providing bay charters near Lake Minnetonka can be found online. All you need to do is do a thorough research on the Internet. However, it is important you proceed with a lot of caution as the Internet is not a safe place.

The best place to be for your holiday is definitely around this great lake. Just consider the factors discussed above and your cruise boat will be waiting for you.

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