Lombok’s Wonderfully Refreshing Waterfalls

When individuals travel to Lombok Waterfalls Island, they expect a more peaceful version of its more well-known neighbor Bali. Vivid sunsets, soft sandy beaches, clear crystal waters, along with a hike to the top of the mighty Mount Rinjani are only a few actions that pop in your mind whenever you think of Lombok.
Nevertheless, this magnificent island has several other secrets just waiting to be uncovered. Many who come to the island fail to understand that Lombok hides some of the tranquil waterfalls in the archipelago.

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1 | Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls
It only takes fifteen minutes on foot from the entry to view the marvelous Sendang Gile waterfall, that’s a continuation of the Tiu Kelep waterfall. The obvious route to the waterfall passes through a lush secure rain forest filled with towering tropics trees. Once you arrive there, you might enjoy the sight of the water crushing the stones or swim in its crisp pool.
If you crave a more adventurous trek in the woods which will lead to a endgame, then venture further to Tiu Kelep waterfall. The journey to the second waterfall in the area takes around frothy five minutes hiking through a forest. The bridge used to cross the river could also seem very frightening for all those who’re frightened of heights.

2 | Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls
The distinctive must-see quality of those drops is that instead of being greeted by a sight of water pouring out of a cliff passing through stones, you’ll see fascinating views of water flowing down among verdant plants.
The road is paved therefore this will be a fairly comfortable trek though exhausting.  This waterfall consists of two levels and each isas high as 20 meters. The water comes out of a river upstream on Mount Rinjani. Here, you might play and frolic in the pond which combines the downpour. Because the water flows straight out of a water spring on Mount Rinjani, the water is clean and stated to be safe to drink.

3 | Mayang Putek Waterfall
Even though Lombok has tens of waterfalls, the Mayang Putek waterfall has become the most distinctive one of them all. Why? Because its waters contain sulfur which locals believe to possess healing properties since the water comes straight from Mount Rinjani. The 60 metre high waterfall can be found in the Sembalun area of Lombok Timur regency.
The journey to the waterfall, nevertheless, is a trek of around 30 minutes of going down measures, passing by way of a mountain and after that across a river. Even though the travel heading towards the waterfall seems easier, the journey back is somewhat more strenuous. Nevertheless, it would be completely worthwhile to believe the advantages of a sulfur bath that could heal your pains and aches and other diseases. Let alone the sight of the “white stag”.